Sunday, August 11, 2013

Cheap LeBron 9 Mango Elite Shoes- home color

      Today Nike Cheap Air Jordan Shoes Basketball official release the full range of products of cheap lebron 9 Elite shoes, including Nike LeBron 9 Mango, Lebron 9 MVP and Lebron 9 Elite shoes. The whole series are from the material to the science and technology with higher level posture shows, to ensure the best competitive state for the wearer.
      Now we see is always in a state secret Nike LeBron 9 Elite home color. The shoe body with white / gold color tones, vamp from the inside out to re structure, composed of the aramid fiber to create high strength of Fuse materials, prominent light while ensuring the strength, carbon fiber material from the heel extension to side to provide the best support shoes, boots created by the Nike Pro Combat filling, gold embellishment on the details place, followed by still using 180-Max air cushion, and finally with a sprinkle of gold piece transparent rubber outsole.
      "Freegums" color of the LeBron 9 is already for sale so many LeBron 9 is a good color, is the most distinctive a detail design. It is precisely because of these details unique to the birth before this personal customized version of LeBron 9. google
      According to ROM "Freegums" LeBron 9 shoes body color white dark pattern will all of its tour map black, fine enough to let people mistakenly think that these are the official Nike production of shoes.
Originally hidden pattern on the exterior show a shoes into a pair of graffiti motifs striking fancy boots under the personal transformation of ROM, had to once again admire hand and masterstroke these shoes are the individual customization.

Nike LeBron 9 MVP&World Champion

      The distance LeBron James won the first championship his ring have been a lot of time, but like cheap LeBron 9 mango shoes friends can buy and LeBron won the championship Lu shoe still can make nothing of it.
This year for LeBron James and his fans is a memorable year, because this LeBron not only won the regular season MVP honor, is the occupation career first won the season championship and also won the FMVP glory. While these honors for Nike equally valuable, as LeBron launched various commemorative edition shoe also wait years for the inevitable, so will everyone waiting for results.
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      Online exposure a also contains two dustproof bag spy, accompanied by a golden "MVP" logo, another with the same is golden "WORLD CHAMPION". Long before the exposure to LeBron 9 MVP objects, LeBron in the game also has personally on foot wear, so in the "MVP" bag hidden is very likely that the LeBron 9 version of MVP, then another bag? We can now look forward to is the total champion Nike LeBron won the memorial built don't note, as the ultimate object is what kind, offering details of what, we'll wait for some time, waiting for the official announcement.